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There is a certain trust that comes with hiring a photographer

Why trust? Because often times, you’re hiring a complete stranger to photograph your most intimate moments of connection.

I’m Claire; an ocean-obsessed photographer from Coffs Harbour and I sing often, loudly and badly, would eat Mexican food for every meal, and have an irrational fear of automatic doors not opening for me.


But my work? I’m called to it because it combines all the things I love: people, the outdoors, and of course, love.

I’ve never lived more that 5kms away from a beach and the majority of my sessions are with clients who love the outdoors as much as I do. My photography is filled with the blue of the ocean and the greens and browns of beautiful trees and landscapes.


I’m raising a daughter at an exciting time in the world and teaching her that strength, love and acceptance is ACE! Not only that, I’m showing her that her mama is following her passion and making it her business and she can do the same.

I never let sessions feel staid or awkward and clients tell me all the time that they ‘haven’t laughed that hard in ages’. I love to make you feel comfortable and calm, being as present or as fly-on-the-wall as the session dictates.


It is capturing the everydayness of a family, the wildness of children, or the celebration

of love at a wedding, which fuels me. It’s those special moments of connection encapsulated in little rectangles.


So why trust me to be your photographer? Because I really, truly give a shit about sinking all my energy in to your photo shoot, whether it is just a shoot of you, FOR you, a shoot with your family or your wedding with 300 of your closest friends.


This love for photography, and for love? It comes from my bones, my brain and my heart.


I’d be honored to work with you, so take a look at my portfolio or contact me here.

Coffs Harbour Photographer

Please feel free to contact me to make a booking or if you have any questions

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