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Everything and nothing like you were expecting. I think before you have your first baby, you have all these plans and ideas on what it will be like. You plan to breastfeed and go on lots of walks. The reality is often far from it.

The long sleepless nights and painful first days of nursing can be so overwhelming. Even though it is hard it is also such an intimate close time for a family.

You're in your newborn bubble, with your partner or family or other kids and you're all rocking the sleepless nights together.

It is hours spent on the couch staring down your now cold cup of tea, while you watch Ellen for the 8th day in a row.

I think that community is important when it comes to raising a child. Something I have found helpful with my first baby was to have the support of my Mum. She would pop by every morning with a drink and some food and hold the baby while I ran to the toilet or showered.

This helped immensely.

The love you have for this tiny human is phenomenal. You think you know what love is, then you hold that squishy baby in your arms and you can literally feel your heart grow in size.

The one thing my tiny girl taught me was patience.

Patience was something I have always struggled with.

I am always wanting to be 10 steps ahead of where I am in life.

But she made me slow down and wait, wait for her and listen to her twenty four seven.

I love to see the connection mothers have with their babies so early on.

Discussing what kind of woman she might grow up to be.

Talking about her strong will and fierceness.

Elki Quinn is an incredibly beautiful little lady.

Eyes wide open taking the world in.

Parenthood is the biggest lesson of life. It is never ending learning and growing, adapting and teaching.

If you love what you see and would like me to capture some memories for you contact me here

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