Christmas Day

February 10, 2018

I promised myself I would blog more in 2018.. Here I sit at 10pm on the 9th of February attempting to write my first blog post of the year.


I have wanted to blog Kate's birth for so long but honestly I have struggled to come up with the words to do this incredible day justice. If you follow me on social media you would of seen her gorgeous baby bump and family, and at 1am on Christmas day I got the text that that baby bump was on its way.

The lead up to photographing a birth is intense. I could barely sleep, paranoid I would miss the call or text. But my ears did their job and I flew out of bed when I got that text.

I paused for a minute and remembered it was 1am on Christmas morning, we had just crawled into bed after making my daughters Christmas presents. I asked myself, can I go? What if I miss my little one opening her a baby was about to be born. I was out that door in 5 minutes!


People always say to me that babies are born when it storms, and this little one sure was. It was pouring with rain I could barely see but I got to that hospital in like 30 seconds I swear!

When I arrived, I walked into this safe space. The energy in the room was amazing. Women are truly amazing.

Not only was Kate incredible, but so was her husband Jake. I don't think he was ever more than 5cm from her. That bond is something so special and I felt so incredibly honored to be a part of that.




 Congratulations again, little Arlo is truly lucky to have you guys as his fam!




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