Erin and Jarrad {Coffs Harbour photographer}

July 11, 2018

I have wanted to blog this day for a very long time, this is my third attempt at doing their beautiful day justice in a blog post. I first met Erin and Jarrad at a coffee shop where we spoke about all things wedding planning and beer making. I knew from that moment that this was a couple I would love to work with.


They were married in a gorgeous timber house at Glennifer, one of the most beautiful parts of Australia (Boom I said it!)

The day was so relaxed and filled with love, I felt so welcome and comfortable with all of their family.

My favourite guest had to be their beautiful boy Archie, a bow tie wearing beagle.

The day was emotion filled, tears were shed during their ceremony (my eyes were not dry)

I just want to thank you both for including me in your day, I felt so valued and I truly know your marriage is a beautiful one.


This is the last frame I took, Jarrad handing me a six pack of beer to go home with, I think that sums up everything about how great this day truly was!












































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