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Nearly Five {Coffs Harbour Family Photographer}

The whole day leading up to this session, I was on the BOM website watching a storm roll around off the coast. We talked about changing the time, but I stuck with my gut. It worked out perfectly, as we jumped into our cars to leave the rain started to fall. What perfect timing, I first met Emma at my previous job, working as a Nurse. I left this session reflecting on how far my business has come over the last two years. I am so grateful that I get to be a part of peoples lives in a different way now. I remember in high school when teachers and peers would ask what I wanted to do when I left school, every answer was health related, from Midwife to Doctor, I even wanted to be a Speech Therapist. I just knew I wanted to work with people. After a few years of being a Nurse, I got tired of it. It was hard, emotionally. So I decided to look for another 'job'

So I became a photographer, a job that allows me to be a part of families most intimate and special times, but also a part of their everyday. How great is that! I also get to be me, truly and completely me and its a pretty incredible feeling hearing clients tell me that they chose to book with me, not only because they love my work, but they like me. I love this job. It sure has days where I want to sell my gear and go back to a routine job... That isn't going to happen for a while. This job saved me, I am so thrilled!

So thank you to every single person who has played a roll in this business of mine.

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